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image  1 Villa Cora
July 6, 2021

#VillaCora is located in a centuries-old #Italian park that overlooks the Boboli Gardens, on the hills just outside the historical center of #Florence.

The #villa is an aristocratic residence built at the end of the XIX century upon commission by Baron Oppenheim reflecting the architectural styles of that period. It is dominated by a strong eclectic decor that provides the villa with different, sometimes even bizarre, artistic styles.

Villa Cora, inaugurated when Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of #Italy, has become throughout the years one of the major cultural and cosmopolitan symbols of Florence.

Villa Cora earned its reputation by hosting international guests of great importance, such as Princess Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III, and the Russian composer Tchaikovsky. In addition, it has always been considered the most beautiful residence of the #Tuscan capital.

Villa Cora became an exclusive grand hotel at the end of 1960 and reopened in late 2010 after a detailed three-year restoration. In 2016, Villa Cora becomes part of The Leading #Hotels of the World, an international collection of #luxury independent hotels.

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