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September 13, 2021

Grand hotels are places full of history, triumph and tragedy. During the World War II, "Le Bristol" was one of the few Paris hotels the Nazis did not take over during the occupation. That saved the life of a Jewish architect who found refuge there.

"Le Bristol" lies on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, close to the presidential residence, the Elysée Palace. The first luxury hotel in Paris, it was opened in 1925 by Hippolyte Jammet. He guaranteed his guests absolute discretion right from the start. That appealed to stars like Josephine Baker, who kicked off the Charleston craze in the city’s dance halls, as well to lodgers whose very survival depended on this cloak of secrecy. Jewish architect Léo Lerman was one of them. During World War II, Jammet kept him hidden away in room 106 - under the noses of the German occupiers.
"Legendary Hotels" recounts the history and fascinating stories behind "Le Bristol", whose famous guests have included Konrad Adenauer, Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Legendary hotels (4-part series):
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